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Call Us Today!
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All About Wood

Wood is one of nature's most beautiful materials.

The inviting warmth of wood enhances the decor of any room. Wood floors maintain their worth and increase the resale value of any home. Today there is an incredible range of styles, colors and species available at very affordable prices. It's no wonder that wood flooring has become a consumer favorite and the demand is still growing.
Maintaining a wood floor has become almost effortless. New technology in stains and finishes require regular cleaning with little more than sweeping or vacuuming and the occasional application of a professional wood floor cleaning product. When other types of flooring may need replacement, wood keeps on going and is easily refurbished when it needs it.
Wood is renewable, recyclable and durable. Many old-wooden buildings and structures find a second life in wood flooring.
Wood is a natural insulator, keeping warmth in and cold out. It's a healthy choice too, especially for people with allergies, breathing disorders or chemical sensitivities. Wood flooring does not trap dust, dander, mold, pollen or other allergens and contaminants nor does it produce static electricity. Products used in the finishing process are more environmentally safe than ever before.
The resiliency of wood is also kinder to muscles and the skeletal system, especially the knees and spine, which is a boon to arthritics and those with chronic back pain. Parents can also be assured that a tumble onto wood is less likely to cause injury to children than falls on flooring such as concrete or tile.
Wood is a logical choice for a floor that's beautiful, affordable, durable, safe and good for you too!

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