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Wood Flood Maintenance

Proper maintenance of your wood flooring can save you a lot time and trouble.
Vacuum wood floors with a soft brush attachment. Use vacuum on rubber wheels (old vacuums with small, plastic wheels can scratch the surface of the floor).
Clean wood floors with small damp mop using a wood floor cleaning spray or solution. Avoid harsh chemicals.
Waxing wood floors is not recommended. Wax gets dirty very fast and can peel off. To get rid of it you will need a wax stripper and lots of water. That solution will go between the gaps in the wood and can damage the wood! You can only use paste wax on bare/unfinished wood floors and keep it that way all the time.
Avoid scratching your floor. To fix a scratch, get a Minwax Wood Finish™ Stain Marker at your local hardware store to match the color of your floor. If there is no exact match to the color of your floor, get a lighter color. It will be less visible than a darker stain.

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